Hire Applications Architects

Hire Applications Architects

Why Hire Applications Architects:

With more Internet traffic coming from mobile devices than traditional computers, it’s never been more important for a business to utilize applications, which is why you need to hire Applications Architects. These professionals design applications for mobile devices. Whether developing an app to give easier access to your website or offer your customers an enhanced, unique user experience (UX), hiring Applications Architects is necessary to create these types of apps.

Applications Architect Job Responsibilities:

Applications Architects have a host of different job responsibilities. These different responsibilities include:

  • Designing applications for a host of different mobile devices
  • Working with sales and marketing to best understand what the application should provide
  • Listening to customer feedback to determine what changes need to be made
  • Implementing changes to applications with short turn around times to correct problems

Applications Architect Experience Needed:

When hiring Applications Architects, candidates need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a similar field. Other experience to look for includes:

  • Ability to work on and develop apps for multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Analytical skills for sifting through information
  • Website design experience as it provides a greater understanding of the application development process
  • Understanding ¬†of website coding, although this is not mandatory

Applications Architect Salary:

The average annual salary of an Applications Architect is $104,000, although this does depend on the size of the company and the type of applications a company wants to develop.

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