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Why Hire Android Developers

When creating mobile applications, it doesn’t matter if it is for a major corporation or a small business, it is necessary to hire Android Developers. When creating applications, the coding for both Android and Apple iOS are completely different, so an understanding of both coding methods is a must. Hiring someone who knows both is desirable, but when that isn’t possible, a company needs to know how to hire Android Developers.

Android Developer Job Responsibilities

When it comes to bringing in a mobile Android developer, it is necessary to know what to look for. Many of the job requirements for an Android Developer include:

  • Working with the team to create an application that helps showcase the brand
  • Put out quick fixes and updates to fix errors
  • Work with the IT department in connecting networking systems into the app (when required)
  • Recommend new application options for boosting interaction with clients

Android Developer Experience Needed

There are many skills associated with an Android Developer. While iOS is rather straight forward based on operating system and screen size, Android has many more variables, so a skilled professional here is key. Some of the skills needed includes:

  • Java skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of Android SDK
  • Work with APIs
  • Back-end skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree (if not a Master’s Degree) in computer programming or similar

Android Developer Salary

The average pay for an Android Developer is $77,468. The pay can range from $50,601 to over $150,000.

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