VP of Engineering Job Responsibilities:

Vice Presidents of Engineering job responsibilities include coordinating multiple teams of engineers, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget, and coordinating with other members of a company’s upper management.

VP of Engineering Experience Needed:

The Vice President of Engineering should have ample experience in the Engineering field. A minimum of ten years of experience is typically required. Candidates should also have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, but having a Master’s degree in Engineering Management or Business Administration is preferred. In larger companies, successful job candidates will also have ample experience with managing a team of engineers through a variety of projects.

VP of Engineering Salary:

While compensation is highly dependent on geographical location, the average base salary for a Vice President of Engineering is between $99,610 and $206,010. Many companies also offer profit sharing and/or commission, however, adding between $1,026 and $111,000 to the annual compensation. Virtually all companies offer a benefits package that includes a retirement plan and health insurance.


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