Hire a VP of Information Technology

Hire a VP of Information Technology

Why Hire a VP of Information Technology:

For a growing company looking to invest further in its technological identity, deciding to hire a VP of Information Technology may prove both necessary and beneficial. Depending on how large the company is the VP of Information Technology position may be combined with other VP tech titles. In general, medium to large companies need an experienced VP in this field.

VP of Information Technology Job Responsibilites:

Before hiring a VP of information technology, it is necessary to understand what this individual is generally required to do. These job duties typically include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • In charge of development, design and implementation of software applications and data systems
  • Manages IT support and the internal tech infrastructure of the company
  • Manages the policies and programs used on all computer systems
  • Works closely with other VP tech professionals, including the Chief Security Officer
  • In charge of identifying emerging technologies, programs and hardware within the industry
  • Help develop applications designed to support company productivity and growth

VP of Information Technology Experience Needed:

In terms of experience to look for, you want a VP of IT to possess the following:

  • Master’s degree in information technology
  • Background in computer science, information technologies or software engineering as well as business knowledge
  • Ability to navigate data management
  • Leverage advanced tech knowledge
  • Strong problem solving skills

VP of Information Technology Salary:

The salary of a VP of Information Technology varies depending on the company, while the median pay for a position in the United States is $152,500 (although tenured VPs tend to make nearly $200,000).

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