VP, Group Director Job Responsibilities

There are different VP, Group Directors, depending on the business and the area of the company such a professional comes in for. These individuals do have a wide listing of job responsibilities, including:

  • Meeting with individual department heads to make sure each department is on schedule and has what they need
  • Understanding the production schedule and making adjustments when necessary
  • Bringing on new team members who can appropriately fit in with the monitored departments
  • Overseeing updating of department and group data

VP, Group Director Experienced Needed

A VP, Group Director typically holds a Master’s Degree in Business, Business Administration, Management or a similar field. Other forms of experience to look out for include:

  • Knowledge on technology trends within the business
  • Ability to handle large amounts of people
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work on short notice and make adjustments when necessary

VP, Group Director Salary

The average salary for a VP, Group Director is $176,000, although this does depend on the location and size of the company.


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