Hire a VP, Group Director

hire VP Group Director

Why Hire a VP, Group Director

Managing a large group of people is necessary as many of these employees work in different departments, which can make communication an issue from time to time. Keeping everyone on track and bringing an entire project together helps propel a business and it is why it is necessary to hire a VP, Group Director.

VP, Group Director Job Responsibilities

There are different VP, Group Directors, depending on the business and the area of the company such a professional comes in for. These individuals do have a wide listing of job responsibilities, including:

  • Meeting with individual department heads to make sure each department is on schedule and has what they need
  • Understanding the production schedule and making adjustments when necessary
  • Bringing on new team members who can appropriately fit in with the monitored departments
  • Overseeing updating of department and group data

VP, Group Director Experienced Needed

A VP, Group Director typically holds a Master’s Degree in Business, Business Administration, Management or a similar field. Other forms of experience to look out for include:

  • Knowledge on technology trends within the business
  • Ability to handle large amounts of people
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work on short notice and make adjustments when necessary

VP, Group Director Salary

The average salary for a VP, Group Director is $176,000, although this does depend on the location and size of the company.

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