Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager


Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager

Expanding upon a company’s online presence is a must in the modern business world. This is, more or less, free advertisement and a way to interact with potential customers and clients. However, if social media is not done properly it can lead to negative press and backlash. Due to this, it is necessary to have a professional on hand who knows how to provide exceptional insights and assistance, which is why it is necessary to hire a Social Media Marketing Manager.

Social Media Marketing Manager Job Responsibilities

The Social Media Marketing Manager has several very specific job responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

  • Creating a specific plan for the social media marketing campaign
  • Working within the marketing department to keep social media postings connected with the rest of the marketing outreach
  • Content management
  • Increasing brand awareness throughout the Internet, especially among the key demographic

Social Media Marketing Manager Experience Needed

When hiring a Social Media Marketing Manager, you generally want to find someone who has a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing or a similar field. Other experience you need to look for includes:

  • Extensive experience working over a number of social media platforms
  • Outgoing personality
  • Ability to respond quickly to posts
  • Knowledge of SEO

Social Media Marketing Manager Salary

The average salary for a Social Media Marketing Manager is $48,000 annually.

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