Hire a SEO/SEM Manager


Why Hire a SEO/SEM Manager

The stronger your online presence, the more clients you’ll bring in and the more leads you’ll eventually develop. Of course, if you take advantage of all the different online platforms out there, you’ll not only have a website, but extensive social media coverage, a blog, and a host of other outlets. All of this can take time, and perfecting search engine optimization and search engine marketing can prove difficult with such a wide reach. That is exactly why you need to hire a SEO/SEM Manager.

SEO/SEM Manager Job Responsibilities

An SEO/SEM Manager does have a wide range of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Working with multiple departments to determine the best marketing angle
  • Altering and adjusting all online content based on analytical research
  • Managing a team of SEO and SEM professionals to keep everyone on track with current projects

SEO/SEM Manager Experience Needed

When seeking out the best SEO/SEM Manager, it is desirable to find a professional who has at least a Master’s degree in advertising, computer science, business analytics or a similar field. Other kinds of experience needed includes:

  • Extensive experience with Google Analytics and other analytical programs
  • Knowledge on developing software and social media platforms
  • Keen understanding of evolving SEO and SEM techniques

SEO/SEM Manager Salary

The average salary for an SEO/SEM Manager is $62,000.

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