Hire a Security Director

hire a security director

Why Hire a Security Director

There are many levels of security within your business. From protecting a facility to protecting your data, security comes in many forms which is why you need to hire a Security Director. This position monitors all of your company’s security needs, helping your security team stay on the same page. Individuals in this role also identify when an improvement needs to be made to current security features. As a growing company, you must prioritize security to safeguard your sensitive data, profits, and business information, which is why you need to hire a Security Director.

Security Director Job Responsibilities

A Security Director has a host of different job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing, planning and executing corporate security operations
  • Producing reports and sifting through records for the entire management team
  • Identifying problem areas and resolving these issues
  • Performing audits on the entire company to identify weak areas where threats or attacks are more likely to happen

Security Director Experience Needed

A Security Director would desirably have a Master’s degree, if not a Ph.D. Having at least ten years of experience as a full-time security supervisor is desirable, in addition to the following:

  • Knowledge of the latest forms of Internet theft
  • Working within different IT departments
  • Experience with various analytical tools and technologies

Security Director Salary

The average salary for a Security Director is $74,000, although this can double, depending on the size of the company.

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