Hire a Mobile Manager

Hire a Mobile Manager

Why Hire a Mobile Manager:

More Internet searches are now performed on a mobile device rather than a desktop. This alone shows the importance of having a strong mobile presence, regardless of what a company does or sells. With the help of a Mobile Manager, it is possible to push a product, service or company, increase visibility and drive in sales, which is why many businesses choose to hire a Mobile Manager.

Mobile Manager Job Responsibilities:

A Mobile Manager holds a host of job responsibilities. Some of these job responsibilities include:

  • Performing marketing analysis to identify customer trends and market fluctuations
  • Creating a mobile marketing strategy
  • Analyzing the company and competition to determine key demographic searching for product through mobile means
  • Staying on top of the latest technology and mobile trends
  • Producing a mobile marketing dashboard
  • Working with other teams to deliver successful mobile marketing campaign

Mobile Manager Experience Needed:

A Mobile Manager typically has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or digital marketing. They have experience with mobile technology on top of key experience such as:

  • Intimate knowledge of application development
  • SEO knowledge specific to mobile searches
  • Understanding of both Apple and Android based mobile operating systems
  • Basic understanding of Java applications

Mobile Manager Salary:

The average salary for a Mobile Manager is $107,000. This is based on the length of time someone has been in the industry, the size of the company and location of the company.

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