Director of Web Analytics Job Responsibilities

A Director of Web Analytics has many job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Preparing information to help improve decision making throughout the business based on a large amount of obtained data
  • Analyzing current website data, what is trending, competition performance, lead generation, and monitoring nearly all other areas of website performance
  • Understanding the best tools required for database monitoring
  • Comprehension of Google Analytics and Omniture is a must  

Director of Web Analytics Experience Needed

A Director of Web Analytics commonly has a Master’s Degree in computer science, statistics, or a similar field. Other experience desired for the position includes:

  • Knowledge of multiple Internet browser platforms
  • Ability to work well with other departments
  • Capable of sharing information with others in easy to understand method

Director of Web Analytics Salary

The average salary for a Director of Web Analytics is nearly $98,000. This does depend on the location of the job, size of the company, and length of time an individual has worked this particular job title, both in the current location and previously.


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