Hire a Director of IoT Solutions

Hire a Director of IoT Solutions

Why Hire a Director of IoT Solutions:

When you hire a Director of IoT Solutions, you are adding a professional with experience in technologies involving the Internet of Things to your organization. As more products are being brought to market with the ability to communicate to other devices in the user’s home, these roles will become crucial to many different companies in the IT and manufacturing industries.

Director of IoT Solutions Job Responsibilities:

The Director of IoT Solutions has a wide array of job responsibilities, which can include the following:

  • Supervising the process of creating and distributing internet-enabled products
  • Identifying ways in which a company can utilize the Internet of Things
  • Communicating updates and changes with other team members, as well as Marketing and IT personnel

Director of IoT Solutions Experience Needed:

The Director of IoT role is a relatively new position, so exact job requirements can vary greatly based on the company. In general, though, candidates should have the following experience:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Hardware Engineering, or a similar field.  A Master’s Degree is preferred, but additional experience can be substituted.
  • Experience with manufacturing and designing internet capable devices.
  • Good communication skills

Director of IoT Solutions Salary:

The average salary range for Directors of IoT Solutions can be difficult to determine. Typical pay starts around $125,000 but quickly climbs based on various factors including the location and size of your business.

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