Hire a Director of eCommerce


Why Hire a Director of eCommerce

For a business offering goods and services online, having someone who can monitor sales, understand who is buying the products, and how to best reach these individuals is important. That is why it is often necessary to hire a Director of eCommerce for any growing business.

Director of eCommerce Job Responsibilities

A Director of eCommerce has a host of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Managing of Internet marketing including social media integration
  • Managing all technical infrastructure within the website
  • Understanding of SEO monitoring and implementing necessary changes
  • Working with the rest of the digital marketing department in creating a plan to bring in more sales and traffic to the site

Director of eCommerce Experience Needed

A professional taking over as the Director of eCommerce generally has at least five years of experience while holding at the minimum a Bachelor’s degree in sales (or a similar degree type). Some of the other experience required includes:

  • Experience with Web analytical tools
  • Knowledge of Google AdWords, AdSense, Yahoo Search Marketing, and others
  • Able to work both independently and with a team

Director of eCommerce Salary

The average salary for a Director of eCommerce sits at $146,000. It generally ranges between $127,000 and $168,000. This is dependent on the size of the company, location and the professional’s total experience.

Looking to Hire a Director of eCommerce?

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