Director of Digital Marketing Marketing Job Responsibilities:

A Digital Marketing Manager has a wide range of job responsibilities, some of which include:

  • Planning all Web, SEQ/SEM, email, social media, display and marketing database advertising campaigns
  • Building and maintaining social media presence
  • Working to develop new digital marketing strategies
  • Collaborating with other agencies and service vendors
  • Measuring and identifying trends to optimize marketing potential on different platforms.

Director of Digital Marketing Experience Needed:

A Director of Digital Marketing holds at least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or computer related field (Master’s Degree preferred). They also have proven experience in digital marketing. Some other skills include:

  • Experience with A/B multivariate services
  • Knowledge of Internet analytics
  • Knowledge of ad serving tools
  • Experience in managing SEO/SEM marketing

Director of Digital Marketing Salary:

Depending on the size of the company and its location, a Director of Digital Marketing typically makes anywhere from $110,000 to $190,000. The longer someone has worked in the field at the position, the higher their income rate is as well.


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