Hire a Digital Marketing Manager


Why Hire a Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing on the digital frontier is a must for any company looking to succeed in modern business. Understanding the current lay of the land and how it impacts a specific business is crucial. This is why it is necessary to hire a Digital Marketing Manager.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Responsibilities

A Digital Marketing Manager has a series of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Planning, developing, and executing SEO, social media displays, email marketing and all advertising campaigns
  • Monitoring performance of different marketing campaigns and making adjustments to current marketing spending based on analytics
  • Working with teams within the company to develop new landing pages and improve user experience
  • Identifying emerging technologies the company should pursue and integrate into the business

Digital Marketing Manager Experience Needed

A Digital Marketing Manager should hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, advertising or a similar field, and having a Master’s degree is desirable. Other experience should include:

  • Experience in digital marketing
  • Understanding of social media, email and database marketing
  • Experience of A/B multivariate experiments
  • Ability to use analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Omniture
  • Ability to set up Google AdWords campaigns

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager ranges between $56,000 and $72,000. This increases to $83,000 after a decade or more (typically) of manager experience.

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