Hire a CTO

Hire a CTO

Why Hire a CTO:

When you hire a CTO, or Chief Technology Officer, you are bringing in someone who sits at the top of the technology department in the business. For most growing companies, this is a major sector, with nearly all other departments dependent on the position. Due to this, it is necessary to hire a highly qualified CTO.

CTO Job Responsibilities:

When setting out to hire a Chief Technology Officer, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of potential job duties. These duties typically include:

  • Development strategy for tech platforms, helping in the creation of partnerships with external service providers and building new partnerships with these organizations
  • Creating necessary tech standards and making sure these new standards are followed
  • Managing data systems
  • Monitoring software testing
  • Working with other executive teams to take into account what kinds of tech other departments need to best perform
  • Supervise the development of new software and Web applications

CTO Experience Needed:

As for individual requirements, prospective candidates need to have:

  • MBA in Information Technology Management (or equivalent)
  • Extensive IT department knowledge
  • Analytical experience with assessing company organization
  • Evaluate and understand current and developing technology trends to determine the best ways to implement new tech into the business

CTO Salary:

The salary of a CTO does vary from one location to the next. On average, this position ranges between $137,500 to above $220,250 annually.

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