Content Manager Job Responsibilities

A Content Manager has a host of job responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

  • Making sure all content meets an established set of standards
  • Ability to rely on personal judgment to determine what works for the desired publication and what doesn’t
  • Working with outside publication firms to create content that fits with the publication’s ideals
  • Ability to work with a team of content editors and copywriters to produce quality copy often on a short turnaround time

Content Manager Experience Needed

Typically a Content Manager has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Journalism, Print Marketing or a similar field. The Content Manager also has more experience on the job than a Copywriter or Copy Editor (often at least seven years in the related field). Other experience to look for includes:

  • Knowledge on a large number of publication tools, including Microsoft Office
  • Skill with specific Adobe Creative Suite programs (InDesign)
  • Established level of judgment that can be seen in practice with previous work

Content Manager Salary

The average salary for a Content Manager is $55,000.


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