Hire a CIO

Hire a CIO

Why Hire a CIO:

When you hire a CIO, or Chief Information Officer, you may want the individual to perform the same duties as a CTO, or Chief Technology Officer. Often times, this title is interchangeable, so it simply comes down to your company’s needs. For large corporations, an individual may hold two titles or there may be two individual board of director officers. Regardless of the size of the company, understanding the CIO job profile is important.

CIO Job Responsibilities:

The CIO does have several important job requirements, no matter of the size of the company. These job requirements include:

  • Evaluate the current information technology of the company and make recommendations on necessary changes to improve productivity.
  • Investigating and understanding current tech trends and developing tech trends to determine the best new hardware and software capable of meeting the company’s needs.
  • Look over vendor proposals and work on contracts with such vendors.
    Monitor the maintenance of a company’s network and database.

CIO Experience Needed:

When hiring a potential candidate, some education and training requirements to look for include:
Master of Science degree in a tech based field, such as Information Technology.

  • Capable of working with new technologies
  • Leadership skills
  • Manage and maintain comprehensive technology
  • Create new system tools to improve business productivity

CIO Salary:

On average, a Chief Information Officer receives an annual salary of around $178,000, although it does depend on the company size and current staff members. The general range of salary can vary from $157,000 to upwards of $262,000.

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