CIO Job Responsibilities:

The CIO does have several important job requirements, no matter of the size of the company. These job requirements include:

  • Evaluate the current information technology of the company and make recommendations on necessary changes to improve productivity.
  • Investigating and understanding current tech trends and developing tech trends to determine the best new hardware and software capable of meeting the company’s needs.
  • Look over vendor proposals and work on contracts with such vendors.
    Monitor the maintenance of a company’s network and database.

CIO Experience Needed:

When hiring a potential candidate, some education and training requirements to look for include:
Master of Science degree in a tech based field, such as Information Technology.

  • Capable of working with new technologies
  • Leadership skills
  • Manage and maintain comprehensive technology
  • Create new system tools to improve business productivity

CIO Salary:

A typical Program Manager can make between $75,000 and $200,000. Salary is highly dependent on the company and location, however.


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