Chief Data Officer Job Responsibilities:

A Chief Data Officer has a host of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining data governance and outlining and enforcing set rules to ensure proper data protocol
  • Maximizing data quality
  • Setting standards regarding data for all employees to follow
  • Working with other tech departments to determine the best hardware and software required for data storage and analysis

Chief Data Officer Experience Needed:

Because a Chief Data Officer has a considerable amount of responsibility, you want someone with extensive work experience. This should include a Master’s degree in Computer Design, Computer Science, Analytics, or a similar field. However, a Bachelor’s degree with 10+ years of experience can be substituted for a more advanced degree. Other experience needed includes:

  • Knowledge of the latest cloud storage systems
  • Ability to collaborate with other departments
  • Clear communication skills
  • Understanding of programming languages and programs

Chief Data Officer Salary:

The average salary for a Chief Data Officer, depending on the location and size of the company, as well as the experience level of the individual, is around $125,000.


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