Hire a Chief Data Officer

Hire a Chief Data Officer

Why Hire a Chief Data Officer:

No matter the kind of business you run, chances are you develop and obtain a considerable amount of data, which is why you need to hire a Chief Data Officer. From financial information to client addresses and everything in between, staying on top of this information is difficult. As your business grows, you need someone in charge of handling it all. A Chief Data Officer does exactly that.

Chief Data Officer Job Responsibilities:

A Chief Data Officer has a host of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining data governance and outlining and enforcing set rules to ensure proper data protocol
  • Maximizing data quality
  • Setting standards regarding data for all employees to follow
  • Working with other tech departments to determine the best hardware and software required for data storage and analysis

Chief Data Officer Experience Needed:

Because a Chief Data Officer has a considerable amount of responsibility, you want someone with extensive work experience. This should include a Master’s degree in Computer Design, Computer Science, Analytics, or a similar field. However, a Bachelor’s degree with 10+ years of experience can be substituted for a more advanced degree. Other experience needed includes:

  • Knowledge of the latest cloud storage systems
  • Ability to collaborate with other departments
  • Clear communication skills
  • Understanding of programming languages and programs

Chief Data Officer Salary:

The average salary for a Chief Data Officer, depending on the location and size of the company, as well as the experience level of the individual, is around $125,000.

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