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For businesses looking for an effective tool to monitor visitor activity online, Google Analytics is one of the best tools on the market. It provides features such as integration with AdWords, monitoring customer demographics and viewing visitor flow. Best of all, the tool is completely free for businesses both large and small. In order to get the best results from using the software, businesses can use the services of consultants to implement Analytics more effectively.

Consultant job description

Consultants who specialize in this particular data monitoring field generally assist with installing the software, integrating data with other systems, developing reports and making use of the information. Since these activities require specific knowledge sets, businesses will need to find a person who is experienced with implementing these techniques. By leveraging the assistance of consultants, businesses will be able to do this more effectively and keep up with the latest trends. Consultants are also able to help with the strategic elements and planning efforts. The consultants employed will even be able to work with existing team members in order to collaborate on projects.

Importance of a consultant

The hiring of consultants is critical in order to cost-effectively leverage specialization required for proper implementation of data analysis strategies. Since most companies don’t want to hire a full-time employee just to do this small task, a consultant is the way to go. This means that businesses will be able to save money, in addition to getting a better job done, that will earn them a better return on investment. By being able to see exactly what customers are doing on a website at any given point in time, the software can be enormously helpful. However, it will require the assistance of a skilled professional in order to implement it correctly.

Advantages of a full-time analytics professional

The advantage of hiring full-time consultants is that they will be able to finish a project quickly and that the same person will be working on the entire project. When implementing a data system, it can often be a good idea to have just one person assist with implementing the entire project. This will prevent confusion caused when people are uncertain about who implemented a particular segment of the project. Instead, a single person will be able to implement the technical, strategic, and maintenance activities associated with this type of project. For larger enterprises, this can often be the best way to go.

Advantages of a part-time analytics professional

Part-time consultants have the advantage of being able to work a few hours when needed. For smaller enterprises, it may be unnecessary to carefully evaluate every tiny aspect of the project. Instead, part-time consultants will be able to do just a small amount of work each week in order to assist a business with monitoring website traffic. This can also save money and can be a great choice for businesses with tighter budgets.

Characteristics to look for when hiring an analytics consultant

When looking to hire Google Analytics consultants, businesses should make sure that prospective candidates have extensive experience implementing analytics projects. Generally, a track record of success will indicate that the individual has a good chance of being a valuable asset to an organization. Companies can also look at a prospective individual’s education to get more insights into their general knowledge and background. Further, businesses can tap their network to get referrals on individuals who may be able to assist with the project.


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