Facebook Wins Most Trusted Social Media Platform For Products & Services [Infographic]

by Mondo on May 14, 2015
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One of the questions that social media marketers always want to know is: what motivates customers to make recommendations on social media?  As it turns out, there’s some science behind the conversation that takes place on social platforms.

As marketers, the more data you can have about your consumers the better. If you can understand why people organically talk about and recommend your brand, you can utilize those influencers and tailor your marketing to better spread brand awareness.

The numbers tell the story – Facebook wins for most trusted social network, Instagram the least (for now). As new social platforms show staying power, trust levels will increase. For now, take advantage of the social outlets that are already working in your favor.

It’s time to get comfy with these stats and start evaluating your social networks and where consumers are talking about your brand.



Social-Recommendations-Index_infographic (5)


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