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An email marketing consultant can help your business develop campaigns of the highest quality.  With professional assistance, you can get amazing returns on your investment while branding your business, building a better image and rapidly increasing awareness of the products or services you provide. You can look forward to higher open rates and improved click-thru rates.  This means that not only will more people be opening your emails, but they’ll be using these to navigate directly to your sales pages as well.

Why hiring an email marketing consultant is so important

Email marketing can be one of the cheapest forms to engage in for maximum outreach. It can also be one of the most efficient. Learning strategies that get people to open your transmissions, however, is critical. This is actually one of the top reasons to hire an email marketing consultant.  Web users are inundated with marketing messages and many of these individuals are reluctant to willfully expose themselves to more by opening the transmissions that they receive from companies.  Consultants can devise recognizable sender information for your business and create subject lines that are guaranteed to pique the interest of email recipients.  These professionals also have a clear understanding of how often these transmissions should be sent and how to structure purchasing incentives so that they provide the best improvements to your bottom line.

Deciding whether to have a full-time person in-house or work with consultants

Few growing businesses can justify the costs of hiring a full-time professional who is solely dedicated to these efforts. An in-house provider will have to deliver phenomenal results in order to produce an acceptable return on investment. Consultants, however, can be secured at a much lower cost and can increase open and click-thru rates in a relatively nominal amount of time. These providers don’t need to be a regular part of your team in order to have a comprehensive understanding of your industry, the needs of your business and your customers. Regardless of the size of a company and the magnitude of its outreach, it’s generally best to choose consultants over salaried employees.

What to look for when hiring consultants

Securing consultants for web outreach doesn’t need to be a complex process.  The first and most important thing to check for is an understanding of your operations and the services or products you supply. The best professionals are committed to learning the needs of the markets they’ll be targeting and to take an integrated and client-specific approach when devising and implementing campaigns. They know how to build and manage lists, design high-quality emails and newsletters, write engaging copy for email transmissions and landing pages, use web analytics to assess the efficacy of their efforts and remain current with the latest technologies concerning web outreach.

These professionals are also results-driven and can prove it by showing their successes with past or present clients, offering statistics concerning their improvements in open and click-thru rates and by showing how their strategies improve bottom lines. They also have a clear understanding of the connection between social media and email outreach, and maintain a presence on all of the most popular social media platforms. These individuals will be able to tell you all about the benefits and drawbacks of working with different email marketing service providers. Their knowledge in this area will speak volumes about their experience and their flexibility when it comes to structuring campaigns that are specific to the individual needs of a business and its targeted market.


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