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Many companies around the globe are currently using Eloqua for their lead generation and marketing functions. This is among the most popular marketing platforms that’s utilized today, and it has more than 1,100 clients and more than 70,000 users across the globe. Some of its most notable clients include Apple, Comcast, eBay and others. The purpose of the platform is to drive leads and to automate certain marketing functions, and many companies have already enjoyed astounding results by implementing the use of Eloqua. While the software and platform has been designed to be easy to use, it does have very specific features and functions that require time and skill to properly utilize. With this in mind, many companies that use this marketing automation solution are weighing the benefits of employing an Eloqua consultant.

In-house support versus an Eloqua Consultant

When Eloqua is implemented and used properly and efficiently in an organization, it can help to ensure that your clients and new leads are reached at the most suitable time to execute a sale, and this can effectively drive sales and boost profits within your organization. This is just one of the many benefits associated with using the platform, and because of this, you want to ensure that the platform is as effective as possible for you. Many companies will have one or several in-house employees go through training to learn how to use the software, but a consultant is already an expert from day one. There is no guesswork or uncertainty because the consultant has the experience and skills necessary to give you fabulous results. The consultant may have helped other clients successfully overcome specific hurdles and challenges, and this insight can be invaluable. In addition, consultant services allow your in-house employees to focus on their other tasks, and you will only pay for the consultant services that are actually used. There is efficiency and financial savings associated with the use of consultant services.

What to look for in a consultant

If you have decided to search for an Eloqua consultant to work with, you should consider the experience and training that the professional has had. Inquire about his or her current workload and ability to serve your company as needed. Ask about the proven results the professional has generated as well as his or her desire to update skills as the Eloqua platform is refined and enhanced. In addition, obtain a list of references, and contact the references personally for an evaluation of the professional. Not every professional will be a best-match for your needs.

How to find a trusted consultant

If you need to locate a consultant to work with for your use of Eloqua, there are several options to consider. One option is to run an ad or use an employment agency to search for an independent consultant. Another option is to look for a marketing firm that offers consultant services in this area. There are pros and cons to both options. For example, a marketing firm may customize services and ensure results, and the firm may also provide other services from different consultants working for the company that an independent consultant cannot offer.

Whether you are new to Eloqua or you are ready to see improved results, hiring a consultant is a great idea. Take time to research the options available today, and make the decision to hire a well-trained and experienced consultant to assist you with your efforts.


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