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A Digital Marketing Specialist can relate to multiple different roles within your marketing team. A “specialist” is a general term which typically relates to someone who has a specific skill within one of the digital marketing channels. The most common types of marketing specialists are those who focus in one of the following: search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), display media, social media and shopping feeds. These specialists will only know one of the previous fields mentioned and therefore “specialize” in that field. That being said, there are also professionals who have a more general digital marketing expertise and can still be referred to as a “digital marketing specialist.”

What is the salary for the typical Digital Marketing Specialist?
The salaries for these specialists are similar. As with most positions, the salaries will differ depending on the years of experience as well as geolocation. A digital marketer is the “specialist” level typically has 2 – 5 years of experience. They usually start out as a Marketing Coordinator and are promoted to a Specialist within a year or two.

A general salary range for a Digital Marketing Specialist or Strategist is $48k to $90k

This range is wide because of the different types of specialists and strategists. Email Marketing Specialists and SEO/SEM Specialists tend to make more money than Social Media and Content Strategists. This is due to the current high demand for Search Specialists and the high conversion value that Email Marketers are able to bring to the table.

With digital marketing, demand for different specialties can change quickly. Therefore, in the beginning of the year and paid search professional might make more than an SEO marketer, but as Google adjusts their aglorithms, companies may increase their need for a search engine optimization specialist.

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