Digital Marketing Manager Salary and Job Description

From search engine optimization to social media, a digital marketing manager is required to effectively manage the many aspects of an organization’s key marketing strategies online. As the leader of a technically-driven team, a successful marketing manager requires a combination of hands-on management experience and overall technical knowledge. Because digital marketing is such a difficult discipline to fully grasp, it requires a variety of skill sets in order to succeed. Most large companies generally have separate media buying, SEO, online PR, and social media departments, which makes digital marketing a complex mix of strategic tactics and creative endeavors. Therefore, the marketing manager needs to understand each aspect of online marketing in order to help the company reach its primary marketing goals.

What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do?
Marketing managers are responsible for overseeing entire marketing projects from start to finish based on their company’s values and goals. They have to develop efficient advertising methods on a digital level in order to adequately promote services and products. Most marketing managers concentrate on brand loyalty and increasing sales by implementing specific campaigns or events to raise awareness and increase satisfaction. They also need a knowledgeable background in e-commerce and the constantly changing world of today’s digital marketplace to succeed.
Manager Tasks

  • Oversee website development and all channels for digital communications.
  • Monitors growth and produces analytical reports to offer up-to-date data for senior management.
  • Develop and incorporate methods for new digital marketing and media teams.
  • Manage several projects simultaneously, create effective teams, and oversee collaboration between various departments to successfully drive business growth.
  • Organize online marketing campaigns regarding all digital and social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary
In the U.S., digital marketing managers make about $66,000 a year. However, including cash earnings, bonuses, and profit sharing proceeds, that number can quickly exceed more than $100,000 (our salary guide states between $77k – $114k), depending on the individual’s general performance and efficiency. Other aspects that affect salary include the particular city as well as career duration, with the biggest factor being the location and city where digital marketing managers are employed. Most digital marketing managers express high levels of overall career satisfaction. While a bachelor’s degree is required, a master’s degree in marketing along with extensive hands-on experience is always a plus and usually preferred.

Understanding Search (SEO & PPC) and Social Media
Digital marketing managers have a deep knowledge of the skills and tools involved in the digital marketing industry. Typically, a manager has a strong knowledge of at least one of the main digital channels (display, SEO, PPC, and social media) and will also have an understanding of how the others work in order to drive strategy. Since digital tends to rely on support from data, it’s very important for marketing managers to analyze that data to properly allocate budget.

The digital marketing manager will typically have different management roles depending on whether they are agency side or brand side. If a marketing manager works for an agency, they will manager several Digital Marketing Strategists and/or manage several clients. If they work for a brand, this means they are on the client side. They will manage one or more agencies that carry out the majority of the workload for marketing their brand. The digital marketing manager will report to a digital marketing director.

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