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women in tech

3 Inspiring Women in Tech Changing the IoT Industry

Anyone who has been tuned into the tech industry in the past few years has heard about the gender gap problem. To put it lightly, women are vastly underrepresented in the tech sector and the answer isn’t as easy as saying that women just aren’t that interested in tech. A variety of problems, including exclusive, …

Jocelyn Leavitt

Women In Tech: Jocelyn Leavitt

Jocelyn Leavitt used to be a teacher at Dalton, and has been working with constructivist, project-based learning since her undergraduate days. She wished she had studied engineering and is making this product to compensate. She grew up in Honolulu and likes surfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving; pretty much anything that involves oceanic immersion. She used to …


Women In Tech: Nikki Kaufman

A graduate of Princeton University, Nikki Kaufman was a founding team member at consumer product company Quirky (quirky.com). She has led several departments within the company including People & Culture and Operations.   MONDO: Where did the idea for Normal come from? NIKKI: I’ve been active all of my life. I was a swimmer and ran in college, and always had a …


Women In Tech: Maria Pousa

Women In Tech: Mondo Interviews Maria Pousa from Mediaocean Maria Pousa is SVP of Global Marketing at Mediaocean, a leading software platform for the advertising world. Maria joined Mediaocean from her role of VP at Marketing at Innovid. Prior to that, she led marketing for audience targeting provider interclick, and was instrumental in its transformation …

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