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Have You Outgrown Your Current Pool of Talent?

The best talent may not always be found within your company; adapt and change to achieve business goals. Your choices are limited to becoming a marketing expert, hiring a marketing team or retaining a marketing agency. Your entire business depends on getting this decision right. It may seem like an exaggeration – but it’s not. …

Project Management Cycle

Why Your Whiteboard Can’t Manage Your Project

The whiteboard concept is as much a part of the workplace today as headphones and free coffee. They allow for creativity expression; thinking out loud; keeping track of agendas; scheduling work; leaving messages for the next occupant of the space; brainstorming and keeping to-do lists. Some places have whiteboards in the hallways, cafes, and even …

Cloud Computing

Want to Build a Private Cloud Server? You Might Want to Think Again.

Creating a private cloud is a big endeavor. Implementing, optimizing and managing a data center that enables the elasticity of resources to drive business flexibility are a huge task for your IT staff. Even with built-in automation and configuration capabilities, organizations must assess whether they have the resources required – a highly innovative staff, large …


The E-A-T Standard: Google’s Guide to High Quality Content

“Quality,” albeit a vague and elusive term, is the key component of content’s ability to perform well on search engines. How do search giants like Google assess whether a piece of content is considered high or low quality? Within the Googleplex exists “Human Raters” who help evaluate content across the web. Specifically, Human Raters are …

Add and Switch Instagram's Newest Feature Image

Add and Switch: Instagram’s Newest Feature

The most recent innovation to hit the app world is actually a relatively small change, but with big implications.  At long last, ‘Grammers will have a way to easily and seamlessly move back and forth between accounts on the native app. Instagram has updated its interface for iOS and Android, version 7.15, to allow users to switch …

Employer Branding

Employee Retention: The Missing Pieces

In creating a strong work force, hiring stellar employees is only half the battle.  Next, you have to keep them. Employee retention is a constant challenge, 40% of companies admit that employee turnover rates are their prime concern (and another 29% are most worried about replacing talent). A high turnover costs businesses time, money and productivity. In this …

Top Three Tech Recruiting Trends for 2016

Forward Thinking: Top Three Tech Recruiting Trends for 2016

Recruiting is heating up as the economy shows signs of strengthening. The technology available to recruiters today is better than it’s ever been, allowing them to optimize the entire recruiting and hiring process, from job descriptions to the process of nurturing and interviewing candidates, to developing and setting compensation. 2016 will see many talent acquisition trends …


December 2015 Tech Trends Report

From Artificial Intelligence transforming the workplace to the rise of virtual reality so real that it seems surreal, 2015 was a great year in tech! While it’s not a surprise that the idea of “uberfication” has taken over, it is still a surprise that next year will bring 5.5 million connected devices a day. (Maybe …

Apple Pay Logo

The Evolution of Commerce: The Rise of the Global Mobile Wallet

Over the years, methods of payment have become increasingly streamlined. From paper money, to debit cards, to online transfers and eCommerce methods like and PayPal — society has seen major changes in the way we both use and view our currency. The concept of the digital wallet has evolved and has been replaced by the physical-digital wallet, …

Snapchat recruiting

SnapChat Strategy: Recruiting Young Talent and Employer Branding

Where do you plan to find your next employees — is your talent acquisition team, using SnapChat to find gifted candidates? Your competition is, or is preparing to. Social media has essentially become a virtual marketplace, providing unprecedented access to a pipeline of candidates or access to influencers that can connect you to top talent. …


The Changing World of Cyber Security [Infographic]

Cyber Security is a HOT topic these days – See why below      


Company Engagement: How to Motivate Your Workforce

With the recession behind us and many companies experiencing rapid growth, employee engagement has emerged as a top focus for global executives. Employee engagement is commonly defined as: “A workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organizations goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the …

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