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Mondo Masterclass: Connor Leech on Javascript

NAME: Connor Leech TITLE: Javascript Developer INDUSTRY FOCUS: Healthcare   MONDO: As someone who works with Javascript every day, what do you think accounts for its current popularity? CONNOR: Javascript is really popular because Node.js and IO.js have evolved, making it possible to write robust server side applications, so Facebook, Google, and even Microsoft are …


Mondo Masterclass: Neely Dolan

NAME: NEELY DOLAN TITLE: IT TECHNICAL RECRUITER   Mondo IT Technical Recruiter Neely Dolan weighs in on how Google Chrome’s new policy on Flash ads in favor of HTML5 has increased the demand for developers.   MONDO: As someone that’s entrenched in the world of tech and talent, what are some recent trends or emerging …


Mondo Masterclass: Anthony Gilbert

NAME: Anthony Gilbert TITLE: Senior Enterprise Recruiter   MONDO: As an Enterprise Recruiter what overarching trend have you been seeing occurring across a wide array of companies? ANTHONY: Right now there’s a ton of digital change management going on, meaning we’re placing a lot of Digital Producers, UX Architects, CMS Consultants, Mobile & Web Developers, …

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