nyc networking event

Mingle With Mondo: Mondo Hosts Successful NYC Networking Event

On Nov. 9, Mondo hosted the second installment of their NYC networking event series, entitled “Mingle with Mondo.” As a high-end, niche IT, Technology, and Digital Marketing staffing agency, we know better than most just how important it is to get creative with finding talent. Networking events like these are extremely helpful in getting face time …

unconventional workplace training

Mondo’s Latest Event Shows The Importance of Unconventional Workplace Training

Here at Mondo, we understand and value the importance of unconventional workplace training. As a company whose products are the people we place, top digital marketing and high-end, niche IT/tech professionals, which means our products come with feelings, experiences, and ideas. So we know better than most businesses that unconventional workplace training is necessary to humanizing …


Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices of BYOD

Contrary to popular reports, the IT policy of BYOD (bring-your-own-device) is steadily on the rise. Last year, our data predicted that 38 percent of companies would stop giving employees devices by 2016 and, instead, ask employees to bring their own device. While there are surveys with conflicting data, this prediction holds true with a steady …

tech charities

3 Tech Charities Your Business Needs to Invest In

The tech industry has long been the leader in innovation, but in recent years, the industry has also begun to lead the way in terms of charitable donations and initiatives. Tech giants like Apple and Google are two of the biggest contributors to tech charities in the sector. While giving back to tech charities is …

Employer Branding

Employee Retention: The Missing Pieces

In creating a strong work force, hiring stellar employees is only half the battle.  Next, you have to keep them. Employee retention is a constant challenge, 40% of companies admit that employee turnover rates are their prime concern (and another 29% are most worried about replacing talent). A high turnover costs businesses time, money and productivity. In this …

Upgrades in VR Make Experiencing Veterans Day Parade Possible for Everyone

Virtual reality, or VR, has long remained in the bowels of the tech industry’s mind. While many digital designers thought the idea to be an exciting opportunity, few actually spent time working on the technology or improving it. For the most part, VR held a small, niche audience in the computer gaming industry, but even …


Mondo Supports Girls Who Code

Mondo is excited to launch it’s 2015 Philanthropy Initiative! This year’s efforts are helping to fund Girls Who Code, a national nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in technology and engineering sectors. With support from public and private partners, Girls Who Code works to educate, inspire, and equip high school girls with the …


Company Engagement: How to Motivate Your Workforce

With the recession behind us and many companies experiencing rapid growth, employee engagement has emerged as a top focus for global executives. Employee engagement is commonly defined as: “A workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organizations goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the …

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