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Do you know what your marketing automation software is doing? A Mondo certified Aprimo consultant will help you implement, customize and launch Aprimo, the perfect solution for tracking your company’s marketing efforts. Why Mondo? Our specialty is connecting the Aprimo consultant with forward-moving companies who are ready to hire, or bring in a contract-temporary employee, to troubleshoot and fix existing problems.

Aprimo marketing automation software is designed to manage the daily operations of the marketing department for a 500-plus employee company and can accommodate up to 10 users. It’s a complex, deep-functioning program that can be utilized for B2B, B2C, lead management, lead scoring, list management and much more. If you’re looking to add significant tools to your marketing strategy and track the results at the same time, it’s the marketing software solution. On-target, the Mondo consultant can work with your company to strategize, implement, and launch a straightforward plan. Whether you need to create a specialized program that will automate campaigns for e-mail, phone, online display or all of them, a Mondo consultant can oversee and implement training programs with your employees for a seamless transition into more efficient and profitable marketing solutions.

Are you looking for an expert consultant? Here are some of the key attributes you will want to find:

From architecture and planning, through database implementation and customization of the marketing automation program, you will need a trained professional to oversee the process and provide the necessary training for your staff.

Critical to the success of Aprimo’s implementation, some business processes may need to be enhanced in order to maximize application functionality, we can assist with this.

It will benefit the company to hire Mondo as part of your staff.

Here’s why:

It’s important to rely on the guidance and expertise of a specialist who can target the software to your company’s particular needs, for instance

If you’re hiring a Twitter marketing consultant they might use SocialCode, Sprinklr or Hubspot to attract visitors, convert leads and close the sale.

The SEO consultant may use Moz tools to track SEO, content marketing, social, and brand recognition. A Mondo Aprimo consultant can customize your program to the company’s needs.

The contrast between hiring and bringing in a contract employee is this: when an onsite specialist for a new software launch is needed to set-up systems, train and adjust the program continuously, a permanent hire may be the solution. However, If your IT professional is highly competent but you need a troubleshooter to come in, fix problems, set-up systems and train, a contract arrangement might be best.

Mondo specializes in connecting the best consultant to fit your business culture and specificity. If you are looking for an expert consultant or employee who can implement and integrate Aprimo as a key part of your marketing software reporting and tracking hub, Mondo is the resource to connect you.


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