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Sara Rivers

Technical Recruiter

When I interviewed here, everyone was so friendly and I really liked the environment of the office. I was happy to find a company where coworkers weren’t in constant competition with each other. I knew I wanted to work for a company where I would grow, and it seems like everyone here at Mondo wants to help each other to do so.

Stephanie Wernick

Regional Territory Sales Manager

Why Mondo is easy. I actually love coming to work. Yes, believe it, I used the word love and work in the same sentence. Mondo is a place where Monday mornings feel like Friday afternoons, and a place that truly demonstrates team work. I am a people person, who is fueled by being around intelligent, fun, positive and creative people. If you are too, then Mondo is the place to be!

Stephany Samuels

VP, Recruiting

What attracted me to Mondo originally was the people who interviewed me. After meeting such dedicated, hardworking, and enthusiastic people, I knew Mondo was the place for me.

Stephen Zafarino

Technical Recruiter Lead

I was looking for a company that has great growth potential with the tools for me to succeed. I enjoy working with people who work hard and are career driven.

Steven Perlman

Regional Director of Sales, East

Since arriving, I have been welcomed and immediately felt like part of a team. I can sum up my experience at Mondo in two words “passion & synergy.” Like-minded, goal oriented, focused, dedicated, and whatever-it-takes attitude is what every single team member is about. Being a part of this team is like nothing I have ever encountered.

Tim Johnson

VP, Sales

First and foremost, the people. They have always been what makes us different from our competition. Second, it’s fun. Nine-years ago I never imagined that I would remain with the same company for so long. I cannot wait to see what the next nine-years will bring.

Vanessa Perez

Technical Recruiter

Ever since my first encounter with Mondo, I loved how the company works in the field of Marketing, IT, and Digital Space because it relates with my degree in Marketing. I loved the sense of culture from the moment I walked in, to my shadowing day, and now (my first day).

Victoria Genna

Technical Recruiter

I chose Mondo because I love the culture and feel of the company. I also love any job that lets me help people reach their full potential.

Wendy Duarte

VP, Recruiting

Mondo is dedicated to providing its customers with the best service . They are open to new ideas and take into consideration what the client is looking for and wants. The same motto applies with their employee. When you work in a place where you believe what it stands for then that is all that counts. The environment is set for success and that is the push you need to feel the WIN!

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