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Jessica Levenson

Account Director

After working for years in the food service and entertainment industry, I was ready to head into the corporate world, but was unsure how to navigate such a drastic change. Once I discovered Mondo, and visited the office, I saw that the culture combined with the hardworking team here made it the perfect place for me to launch my new career. I love how we work in teams, constantly collaborating and supporting each other to drive all of our business forward and reach new milestones of success. I am fortunate to have relatable peers and managers who are never more than a shout, walk, or ping away.

Josh Samuels

Sales Team Lead

Having worked in TV Newsrooms for my entire career, it was important for me to find a company outside of the traditional corporate box. The more I learned about Mondo and the environment it fosters, the more I knew this was the perfect job for me. I love to work in fast paced environments and that’s what I have found in Mondo.

Julie Oates

Senior Technical Recruiter

I loved Mondo for the hardworking, high energy environment as well as the people and the direction the company is headed.

Kim Chapman

Technical Recruiter

I’m excited to be a part of the Mondo culture and a company that believes in teamwork.

Matt Leighton

Director of Recruiting

Early in 2010, I found a great company Mondo that allows me to do so much more than I had in previous IT-related roles. Since then I have re-focused my recruiting objectives and broadened my technical expertise. I now effectively recruit and identify qualified IT professionals including software engineers, enterprise architects, project managers, business analysts, database administrators along with much more talent across the ever-changing Information Technology community. I really enjoy working with the highest caliber of clients in so many different industry verticals from Finance to Retail and everything in between. Finding that perfect match of talent, working side by side with our great sales team on requirements they attain and being able to provide the ideal candidate to fill the role is a very rewarding and distinctive feeling.

Meagan Humphrey

Sales eLearning Project Coordinator

It’s hard to find a place where you wake up everyday and enjoy going to. However, this is the case at Mondo, because everyday when I step off the elevator the energetic vibe from my colleagues is contagious. No one here is satisfied with being great, we love being the GREATEST! I chose Mondo because it’s a company where when you’re successful, everyone is right there cheering you on and pushing you to do better!

Michael Kirven

Founder and CEO

Simply put….Mondo is about people and the people that build and innovate with technology.

Paige Cianciulli

Technical Recruiter

After working at another recruiting agency, I didn’t know if this was the right industry for me until my first day at Mondo. I love the fast paced money hungry environment and after only a couple months here I know I will have all the essentials I need in having a long term successful career with this company!

Robert Rindler

I chose to apply to Mondo because of its reputation as a great place to work.  I chose to join the team at Mondo because everything I had heard was true.  The managerial team makes sure everyone has the tools they need to accomplish their goals, and they are always available to help.

Ryan Sherman

Sales Manager

I’m a fun-loving, energetic, people person an manages to balance it with immense professionalism. With my passion and personality, I’m a right fit with Mondo.

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