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Emily Williamson

Director, National Sales

I was introduced to Mondo by a friend of mine from college, Brittain Mason! She was incredibly enthusiastic about the culture and her colleagues and I was certainly not going to let the opportunity pass me by! I’m now in my fifth role at Mondo and I couldn’t be happier!

Erik R. Miller

Director of SEO & SEM

I have a passion for shaking up the status quo, and have always looked at things differently, aiming to find a better / clever way. Mondo fosters creativity, with a unique entrepreneurial energy. At Mondo you’re not a number, but a human with a voice. This is the environment where I excel and it’s why I am a proud Mondo family member.

Gianna Scorsone

VP of Sales Operations

After a years sabbatical traveling the world, I found an autonomous work place that fosters creativity and a self-starter mentality.

Hallie Yarger

Recruiting Director, Chicago

Mondo has a culture with which I identify strongly – each member of the pack gives it his or her all and fights for every opportunity. There is endless support from all levels within the company from my fellow Sales team members up through our highest-level superiors. Finally, there is extensive encouragement to be creative in finding new solutions to a problem. Mondois a fast-growing company that provides endless opportunities for success.

Hannah White

Technical Recruiter

From my first experience with Mondo, I have been greatly interested in the company. I thoroughly enjoy the fast-paced and team effort work environment. Mondo’s success and growth make it a very desirable company to work for.

Ian Laird

Technical Recruiter

I’m Ian Laird and I’m the newest Technical Recruiter on Mondo’s Philadelphia Team. I recently graduated from West Chester University with a BS in Business Management and a Minor in Information Technology. I love to travel, ride bicycles, hike, swim and relax on the beach. I’m also a huge fan of cutting edge technology, soccer …

Jaime Rasmussen

Consultant Relations Team Lead

There was no question that Mondo was the place for me. The energy, the people, the fun and fast-paced environment… this combination made my choice a no brainer!

Jason Nieves

Internal Ops Specialist

I decided to work with Mondo, after I came across an ad posted on Monster, after doing some research, I saw that they were chosen by Crain as one of the top 25 companies to work for in New York. I began back in March of 2010, I can truly see why they are one of the best companies to work for.

Jeffrey Coleman

Technical Recruiter

I learned of Mondo looking at a former employee’s LinkedIn Profile. I thought, Who/What’s Mondo? Google searched it and fell in love with the energy, dynamism, positivity, and innovation exhibited by everything I’ve seen and everyone I’ve met.

Jeremy Standish

Senior Account Director

I fell in love with the culture at Mondo. The idea for growth, opportunity, and being apart of a winning culture is motivating. I also love that I can take my entrepreneurial, competitive spirit and further advance and develop my own career and life.

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