Emily Bryant

Account Director

About me

My name is Emily Bryant and I a€™m very excited to be starting my first week with Mondo. I graduated with a BS from Michigan State University studying Human Ecology. After living most of my life in Michigan I spent the next few years traveling the world and worked with my last company in two different states. The last state I fell in love with! So I am proud to reside just south of the great city of Boston.

Why I joined Mondo

Before this big step with Mondo, I was working as a sales manager for a national car dealership. Between working for the dealership and as an instructor in South Korea I saw what qualities I want in my peers and also what kind of culture I want to be apart of, and Mondo fit perfectly. After meeting the team in Boston, I felt comfortable and incredibly motivated! I’m pleased to feel that my ‘professional-self’ will be just as fulfilled as my ‘personal-self’.