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As the technological revolution continues to gain momentum, it has completely changed the way that consumers search for and share information; subsequently, businesses have been forced to change their marketing and branding approach. With more than 85% of consumers accessing the web to conduct searches on potential purchases and products, even brick and mortar businesses have been forced to develop an active presence on the web. When it comes to managing an effective ongoing web campaign, it’s imperative to have the capacity to have reliable metrics. With programs like  Adobe SiteCatalyst, businesses can effectively track user activity on their sites and pages.

SiteCatalyst is a comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) web solution that provides the capacity of businesses to collect a website’s online visitor data, such as views, visits and more.

The program can track bounce rates and user preferences, and all of this is carried out on a highly intuitive reporting platform.

Hiring a SiteCatalyst consultant

A growing trend associated with businesses developing a presence online is the hiring of specialists that have expertise in certain fields associated with online marketing and branding strategies. Businesses hire SEO strategists, social media strategists and the like. As more businesses implement these types of rolls, it will be necessary to consider the hiring of a program specialist. It can be next to impossible for a business to master all of the intricate details associated with online marketing; however, bringing in a specialist that already has the experience and expertise necessary to effectively engage the challenges associated with implementing the software program will provide a competitive advantage for the business.

The role and function of a SiteCatalyst consultant

The role and function of a program-specific specialist will vary depending on the manner in which the program will be implemented and used. Consultants can take on a role as a project manager, meaning that they will literally take the lead in implementing and running the program – conversely, they may take on more of a traditional consultant role in which they will simply advise those who are actually heading the project on the best course of action.

Consultants are able to provide valuable insight on analytics and responsiveness to the metrics that are produced through the program. There is a great deal of flexibility in the way that a business can use a specialist, making it easy to create the perfect fit.

Some of the key things that you should look for in a consultant are:

  • An expressed level of expertise
  • An ability to relate to the goals and philosophy of the company
  • A lucid understanding of metrics as they pertain to the analytics produced by this particular program


The importance of hiring a consultant

Many businesses may attempt to circumvent the necessity of hiring a specialist for the purpose of saving money; however, this would probably prove counterproductive over the long-term. The money that a program-specific specialist would be able to save a business in efficiency and productivity concerning their marketing campaigns would more than justify their hiring. A business attempting to function through a limited perspicacity of the system will produce limited or flawed results. Hiring a specialist frees those in the marketing department to focus on their area of expertise.

Full-time or contract?

There will be instances when businesses will have to consider hiring a SiteCatalyst specialist on a full-time basis versus hiring a contracted specialist. There can be a number of variables that may cause a business to consider hiring a person who has a certain level of expertise with this particular program on a full-time basis. The more comprehensive the program is, the more involved a program specialist would have to be. At a certain point, the person’s involvement will reach a certain cash threshold that will justify hiring them full-time versus paying them on a contracted basis. Hiring someone full-time will also ensure that they will not be working directly for your competitors.


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